Océans was Released 28 February 2012. Part chanson d’amour française, part delirious waltz and part naturalist manifesto, it’s as rollicking as a mid-sea canoe ride. It’s as warm as Grandma's home-knit sweater. It's an expression of wonderment in the face of love, of nature, of art itself. It's about pushing past the dark moments to find that, yeah, life's actually worth grooving on. Oceans is a world all its own – a world that only six friends, living in the rain-soaked left hand corner of Canada with a pile of string and brass instruments, could have made - and they'd like to welcome you into it.

Produced by Kees Dekker (Plants and Animals, Rah Rah), engineered by Shawn Penner (Mother Mother, Hannah Georgas). Recorded at Hipposonic Studios (Formerly Mushroom Studios), District 4 Studios, and in our basement. Mastered at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal, Quebec.

Additional Instrumentation:
Adam Greenholtz - Violin and String Compositions
Alice Hamilton - Alto Saxophone
Catherine Hiltz - Cello
Julian Haddon - Baritone and Tenor Saxophone
Stephanie Chatman - Violin
All songs written and performed by Wintermitts - except "A La Fraiche", a french folk song

Thanks to:
Kees Dekker (Kees Dekker Recording), Shawn Penner (District 4), Shawn Cole, Rob Darch (Hipposonic), Adam Greenholtz, Grant Baldwin, Joshua Wells, Catherine Hiltz, Stephanie Chatman, Christine Turner, Sarah Cobb, Brock McFarlane, Jack LaTour (band mascot), Jobojobonophone Player, Jody Glenham, Mel Nieva, David Thomas Manzl, Alice Hamilton, Julian Haddon, Sarah Levine, the French Cultural Centre/Centre Culturel Francophone, Girl's Rock Camp Vancouver, the focus group, all our friends, family and all the people who have supported us - we love you.