Océans was Released 28 February 2012. Part chanson d’amour française, part delirious waltz and part naturalist manifesto, it’s as rollicking as a mid-sea canoe ride. It’s as warm as Grandma's home-knit sweater. It's an expression of wonderment in the face of love, of nature, of art itself. It's about pushing past the dark moments to find that, yeah, life's actually worth grooving on.


Heirloom was released in September 2008. Recorded at Fader Master studios with Shawn Cole (You Say Party!We Say Die!, Bend Sinister, Hannah Georgas) and Paul Boechler. Co-Produced by Garth Futcher (Be Good Tanyas). On the album: David Thomas Manzl, Lise Monique Oakley, Shane McMillan, Swann Barrat, Trevor Dunnett. It's available as a free download on bandcamp. Check it out!